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30, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Looking to have some hot chatting! I love talking hot with people and very much look
Interests: Dogging, Strangers, Pegging
21, Ashburn, VA
"Lonely man looking to fun"
This looks like a lot of fun! I want to see what this is like! I hope everyone is wanting
Interests: Flirting, Lingerie, Talk Dirty, Local Girls, Strangers
51, Corpus Christi, TX
"Summer heat gets me stirred up"
Looking for a curvy woman to satisfy my sexual urges. Live giving and receiving oral
Interests: Voyeurism, Brunettes, Strangers, Hookups

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Why do so many women and men want to hookup with #Strangers?
We have noticed many reasons why people have a desire for affairs with strangers. According to Psychology Today, affairs and random hookups often have very little to do with the other person. Instead, they reveal a deep, inner longing for notice and value from the stranger. They have a way of tricking people into thinking that this new person will make them feel better about their sexual abilities and kinky desires
Other reasons for women to fuck strangers include narcissism and an endless need for validation, wanting someone to stroke their ego, the Proximity Effect which means that people naturally find those who they see regularly as more attractive than total strangers, and most of their friends started to have affairs with slutty strangers.

59, Long Beach, CA
"Loving man wants to share heaven, boating & living Good"
Aerospace & Defense Expert, stopped all World Wars!
Shawns Big Picture Mar4
Interests: Sixty Nine, Strangers, Ass Licking, Drinking, Horny Girls, NSA, Fuck Buddies, Suck Dick
49, Saint Marys, PA
"Looking for fun"
I'm divorced and wanna have fun
I love eating pussy and
Interests: NSA, Casual Encounters, Exhibitionism, Convicts, Fishnets, Strangers, Big Tits, Nipple Play
19, Ashburn, VA
"Looking for some fun"
Looking for a local woman for some nsa fun. I am married so will need to be
Interests: Strangers, Blowjobs, Sex Only, Local Women
54, Poplar Bluff, MO
What's up all? I'm a longhaired, tattooed, big biker looking dude, I love drinking,
Interests: Oral Sex, Strangers, Experimenting, Watching, Being Watched, Biker, Friends, Music
43, Sequim, WA
"Just a guy looking for some fun"
I'm a normal guy who is happily married but a little restless need a little side action
Interests: Hookups, Married, No Strings Attached, Fantasy, Strangers, Random
39, Denver, CO
"So we gonna do this?"
So we understand. Think it goes like this, I'm not paying you for your service, I'm
Interests: No Strings, Casual Sex, Consensual, Non Violent, Strangers
38, Wausau, WI
"Tall and good looking"
I'm a very shy guy so I like a woman that is more
Interests: MIL Fs, Strangers, Random

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It's fun to have random sex with strangers and there are many reasons why people have sex with strangers. According to a our survey, an estimated one in five people admit to having a random hookup with someone they met online. Having sex with strange women often has very little to do with the other person's attractiveness as a long term relationship. Instead, they reveal a deep, inner longing for no strings sex. They have a way of tricking people into thinking that this new person will make them feel better about their sexual deviance.

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