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58, Alton, VA
"Horny. Hurry"
Looking for someone who enjoys oral (giving and receiving)Anal (receiving)lots of licking
Interests: Marijuana, Skirts, Cannabis, Housewives, Uninhibited
33, Ashburn, VA
"Breeding time"
Im into a variety of kinks. Namely owning a queen to spoil and punish with her choice of
Interests: Marijuana, BDSM, Cannabis, Risky Sex, Impregnate, Cnc
34, Wenden, AZ
"Lets fuck"
...lets fuck u down no games just straight up my tongue in ur pussy n
Interests: Marijuana, Cannabis, Dick Sucked, Ass Play, Free Sex, Curves, No Strings, Creampies

Free Marijuana Personals:

This category is for sexy men and women who are into 420 and enjoy indulging in #Marijuana. Horny women and men are enthusiastic in their love of dope and having sex. If you are someone who is looking for a hookup and is passionate about getting high this is the place for you. Put down your hash pipe, joint or bong because there are hot women near you who want to get baked and laid with you. Hookups that are 420 friendly are the best people and you deserve to get laid tonight with a fellow stoner. It's free at Adult CyberDating.

29, Elk Grove Village, IL
Suck me now or later I dont care just suck me ok and if you do not like suck n then use
Interests: Marijuana, Sluts, Pussy, Cannabis, Cunnilingus, Big Tits
52, Franklin, WV
"Looking for someone to have some fun with"
I'm easy going and love the outdoors hunting fishing and camping and driving through the
Interests: Marijuana, Dick Sucked, Horny Girls, Cannabis, Leather, Nasty Girls
32, Ashburn, VA
"All the things you can imagine brought to reality"
Looking for some casual wild sex. I can pick you up in my Jeep limo tinted or you can
Interests: Marijuana, No Strings, Cannabis, Car Sex, Couples, Deepthroat
24, Portland, OR
"Harry Taylor"
Looking for a quick meetup, one night down to fuck. I love getting head a worshiping
Interests: Marijuana, Curvy, Cannabis, Big Booty, Kinky Sex
58, Stockton, CA
"I like kitties that like to play with dogs"
18+ girls who love to fuck and have sex with dogs. I want to watch the dog(s) fuck your
Interests: Marijuana, Fingering, Pussy, Cannabis, Horny Women, Animals, Ass Licking
23, Pima, AZ
"Big dick"
I have a big dick and am into any thing old or not I want to suck a dick
Interests: Marijuana, Nasty Girls, Big Nipples, Threesomes, Taboo, Mutual Masturbation, Cannabis, Weed
27, Bronx, NY
"I'm looking for some who love to suck dick no matter how"
I'm down for anything, mostly into oral sex though, cause idk what it is about wanting
Interests: Marijuana, Dogging, Reverse Cowgirl, Fuck Buddy, Cannabis, Nasty Girls, Squirting

The Marijuana Hookups Category:

Find a hookup tonight with a fellow #420 friendly woman or man. No matter what you call it: cannabis, grass, dope, Ganja, Mary Jane or weed, we understand where you're coming from. You're a laid back person who loves to get laid and loves a nice buzz. Check out the hot hookups at CyberDating and get some sex tonight with someone who is 420 friendly like you.

Did you know that, in addition to our adult personal ads and pictures, we have "420 Friendly" themed, chat rooms, cams, message boards, photo galleries of #Marijuana, erotic stories and videos? We also have lesbian and gay hookups as well as bisexual (bi), transgender sex personals and LGBTQ+ adult personal ads that also pertain to 420 Friendly.

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